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Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities in Ukraine

A wide range of investment opportunities across industries and throughout Ukraine with full due diligence support by financial and legal professionals can be obtained per your request.

The most attractive for investors projects in Ukraine - in the modernization of industrial enterprises and construction of new facilities. Historically, that up to the present time most of the production in Ukraine has outdated equipment. Large steel mills, energy production has built 50 or more years ago. Until now, the production is carried out


Investment climate in Ukraine

Today, the volume of domestic financial resources is inadequate for economic development of our state. That is the reason why foreign investors’ funds are attractive.

Ukraine could potentially be one of the leading countries in Europe, with sufficient foreign direct and portfolio investment.

Ukraine’s advantages are its large domestic market, significant industrial and agricultural potential and benefits of geopolitical location at the crossroads of trade routes in Europe and Asia.

At present in Ukraine, established the legal framework in the field of investment, which gradually improved