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Today, the volume of domestic financial resources is inadequate for economic development of our state. That is the reason why foreign investors’ funds are attractive.

Ukraine could potentially be one of the leading countries in Europe, with sufficient foreign direct and portfolio investment.

Ukraine’s advantages are its large domestic market, significant industrial and agricultural potential and benefits of geopolitical location at the crossroads of trade routes in Europe and Asia.

At present in Ukraine, established the legal framework in the field of investment, which gradually improved

to achieve greater investment flows and improve their use.

By the Law of Ukraine "On foreign investment regime for foreign investors in Ukraine established national regime of investment and other economic activity, i.e. level playing field with domestic investors. That Law foreign investors are given government guarantees to protect their investment. Foreign investments in Ukraine are not subject to nationalization and requisition can be made only in cases of natural disaster.

Important legal documents governing the relationship between the subjects of investment activity is interstate agreement on mutual promotion and protection of investments.

Potentially, our country, owning large domestic market, branching industrial and agricultural potential, the rich and diverse natural resources and advantageous geopolitical location, may be one of Europe's leading recipients of investment. Ukraine inherited a powerful infrastructure output extracted raw materials, metals, chemicals and grain on world markets. This oil and gas pipelines, port facilities, railways and so on. Meanwhile in Ukraine the share of wages in GDP is still low compared with developed countries. The country is able to absorb additional capital, having, first, human resources (labor, managerial, administrative) who have skills necessary to convert investment funds (savings) in real investment, and secondly - efficient effective demand for products produced in result of the investment.

In 2009 foreign entities invested in Ukraine's economy $5634.6 million of FDI, representing 51.6% of revenues in 2008. From EU countries we received $4016.8 million. (71.3% of total), from the CIS countries - $1064.7 million. (18.9%), from other countries - $553.1 million. (9.8%). At the same time, nonresident’s capital decreased by 941.0 million dollars. In general, growth of total foreign capital in the economy, including its revaluation, losses and exchange differences for 2009 amounted to 4410.4 million dollars. Which is 72.6% of the last year amount.

The structure of foreign investments in Ukraine are characterized by the fact that a large proportion of them are directed at industry (23.0 %.), Including processing industry (19.7 %.), and financial activities (21.0 %).. This trend can be considered as positive and conducive to improving the competitiveness of domestic enterprises as investments are directed to the replacement of fixed assets and the establishment of new production technologies.

However, targeting foreign direct investment in areas with rapid turnover, especially in the financial sector, due in the first place, investors will receive a guaranteed profit in the short and medium term.

So, in general, statistics shows that Ukraine is still attractive for investment
Recent indicators of economic and social development of Ukraine showed that the domestic economy is gradually beginning to come out of the crisis, and that foreign investors continue to invest in our economy is a signal of confidence from business and "litmus test" performance of the government towards improving the management.

The significant contribution of the Government, is the fact that the achieved improvement in "protecting investors" in a study by the International Finance Corporation - World Bank Group “Doing Business – 2010”. So, for this indicator, Ukraine took the 109 spot, improving its position by 34 points compared with last year.

In 2009 the capital from Cyprus increased to $947.0 million. Russian Federation - to $827.4 million., The Netherlands - to $804.6 million., France - to $408.9 million and Aruba - to $273.6 million. These countries provide almost 74% increase in foreign capital in Ukraine.

Growth of foreign capital in the reporting year was observed in enterprises engaged in financial activities - to 1813.7 million dollars., Trade, repair of motor vehicles, household appliances, articles of personal use - to $537.6 million., Real estate transactions , leasing, engineering and services businesses - to $451.2 million as well as industrial enterprises - to $969.3 million, including food - to 885.1 million dollars. Among the areas of manufacturing industry increased the most foreign direct investment in the chemical and petrochemical industries (to 255.7 million dollars). And the production of foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco products (151.3 million dollars).

Total volume of foreign direct investment inflow to Ukraine on January 1, 2010 amounted at $40,026.8 million. That makes 12.4% increase over investments at the beginning of 2009, and in per capita amounted to $ 872.6. The investments came from 125 countries. The top major investor country, accounting for more than 81% of total direct investments, is: Cyprus - 8593.2 million dollars, Germany - $6613.0 million., Netherlands - $4002.0 million., Russian Federation - $2674.6 million., Austria - $ 2604.1 million., United Kingdom - $2375.9 million., France - $1640.1 million., United States of America - $1387.1 million, British Virgin Islands - $1371.0 million and Sweden - $1272.3 million.

In order to ensure sustainable growth of inflow of investments into the economy of the country and implementing innovative investment model of economic development the government is constantly working to improve the legal framework in the field of investment. It created the legislative basis for the development of public private partnership Ukraine, improvement of legislation in the field of mineral resources, concessional activity, and industrial parks and so on.

Now Ukraine is actively implementing reforms and improving the business climate. Actions of the government of Ukraine aimed at creating the most comfortable environment for biznemenov and investors. The strategic objective of these changes is the TOP-5 countries in the world for ease of doing business. In the near future we expect unprecedented flourishing economy and a great opportunity for companies that invest in their business in Ukraine.

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