PC Intercosult

PC Intercosult
b. 104, Bazarnaya Str.
Odessa, Ukraine, 65020
Tel.:+380 48 798 7495


PC Intercosult

The president of the company
Dr. Gennadiy Trachuk
Tel: +38 068 259 01 44
Skype: intreconsult_ua

The director of the company
Antonina Haliapina
Tel: +38 068 259 02 39

The leading expert
Vitaly Serbulenko
Tel: +38 093 6 444 777

Interconsult Corporation, National Center for Investment and Development, in collaboration with Deloitte, developed surveys the most attractive sectors of Ukrainian economy, in order to introduce new and has not disclosed any potential investors.

For a review, follow the link and download the PDF - file.

Chemical industry in Ukraine.pdf


If you are interested in investment projects, please send your request. Additionally, if you want to get more information about business opportunities in Ukraine, or to consider others investment projects in Ukraine, please contact the specified contacts, or fill Investor Inquiry Form 


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