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Rating agency Standard & Poor's raised the outlook on ratings of the Ukrainian bank "Privat" from "negative" to "stable", reported by the UNIAN news agency. Also, Standard & Poor's assessed the characteristics of the bank's own creditworthiness (SACP) at «b», which is 2 positions above the sovereign rating. As the agency said in a statement, the ratings "Privat" reflect its "strong" business position and "adequate" risk position on the "average" performance funding and "moderate" liquidity. The ratings also reflect the bank's leading position in the banking sector of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, higher (relative to the average level in the banking system) and lower asset quality (compared to comparable banks) concentration on individual counterparties. S&P notes that "PrivatBank" can maintain a leading position in the banking sector of Ukraine in difficult business environment due to the conservative strategy development and more developed system of risk management than the average for the banking sector. Also "PrivatBank" follows a conservative provisioning policy, which has a positive impact on its performance.
The level of long-term credit rating of "Privat" "CCC" methodology Standard & Roor's level is constrained by Ukraine's sovereign credit rating on liabilities in foreign currency. 
In 2014, "PrivatBank" retained eighth position in terms of capital in the top 10 largest banks in Central and Eastern Europe, which annually publishes the British magazine The Banker in the global ranking of the top 1000 world banks.


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