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November 20, 2014 in London starts III International Investment Road Show «Invest in Ukraine».

The main purpose of the event - attracting Western investment for business projects in Ukraine. This is a unique opportunity for owners of small and medium-sized businesses to establish direct contact with representatives of international investment funds, UK and European banks, financial companies that have already invested in the business in Ukraine.

The first two road-shows Invest in Ukraine, which took place in 2013, proved the investment attractiveness of the Ukrainian business environment, foreign investors and caused the organization of the third event.

The uniqueness of the road-show Invest in Ukraine-2014 - Opportunities for Ukrainian businesses to present their projects to interested foreign investors on their territory. It is also important that this road show is aimed at attracting investments in small and medium business segment. Each of participants has the opportunity to meet with international investors and to establish direct contact. Road show will be held in the format of the presentation of projects and personal talks with international investors One-2-One.

Among the investors who annually attend the event and are already investing in the Ukrainian business projects, representatives of investment funds and banks in the UK, which operate in the UK, a leading business consultants, Family Offices, lawyers and economists: Alloro Capital, Alpcot Capital Management Ltd ,, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, Doyen Capital, EBRD, Gryphon, NSBO, Parker Lloyd Capital PLC, Royal Bank of Canada, Spinnaker Capital, Virgin Green Fund EM.


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