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2nd  International  Business  Forum Odessa  FDI  Forum.  Focus  2014:  Agro

Bristol Hotel,  15 Puskinskaya Str.,  Odessa,  Ukraine

For the second year in a row in the Odessa region hosts the 2nd International Business Forum  –  ‘Odessa FDI Forum – Focus 2014: Agro.’  It  is an international platform for the discussion of the important issues and opportunities that national and international trends offer to the various sectors of the Ukrainian economy and Odessa Region in particular.

With growing global demand for agricultural commodities, Forum 2014 is focused on the development of the agricultural and other related sectors of the economy, both at regional and national levels. The main aims of the Forum are to explore financing options, in order to increase the production and export volumes of agricultural commodities; to develop infrastructure in the agricultural sector and to secure the position of Ukraine as one of the leading exporters of high-quality agricultural commodities in the world.

Participation in Odessa FDI Forum gives the opportunity to assess the risks and advantages of investing in the Odessa Region, particularly in the agricultural sector, through discussion of:

- land lease issues and its relevant laws;
- ways of increasing  the quality  of agricultural products and resource processing;
- the export potential and consumer markets for the Ukrainian agricultural commodities.

The Forum provides a wide range of workshops, discussion groups  and round tables events, which  explore  the opportunities of financing, implementation of the governmental Investor Support Program, investment success stories and options for attracting investments into new technologies.

Friday,  3rd  October  2014

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