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PC Intercosult

The president of the company
Dr. Gennadiy Trachuk
Tel: +38 068 259 01 44
Skype: intreconsult_ua

The director of the company
Antonina Haliapina
Tel: +38 068 259 02 39

The leading expert
Vitaly Serbulenko
Tel: +38 093 6 444 777

We welcome your visit to our website. Our company is open for cooperation with partners interested in developing business in Ukraine. The main task of which we support, is to attract partners and investors in the Ukrainian business. We are interested to do business in Ukraine grew and developed, and the stakeholders get their divedendy. According to this view of the important principles of honesty, reliability, validity. 

Interest in Ukraine the world's major players in the financial market has been increasing. Especially in recent years, when the country has global change and civil society to assert their rights to democratic freedoms. Investment climate in the country has improved. To invest in projects in Ukraine was safe and, more than ever, it is advantageous! We are happy to help you set up a business with Ukraine.

Company profile

Private company "Corporation Interconsult" is present at the Ukraine consulting market more than 15 years. The company was founded in 1997 under support of the EU program TACIS.

The main office of company located in Odessa and it has a representative in Germany (Dresden). The company structure is built in accordance with international requirements for consulting companies and working on all territory of Ukraine.

Leading experts of the company have experience in Ukraine consulting services market for more than 20 years.

In 2010, the company has been accredited with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (program BAS).

The company is a member of the Ukrainian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade.

The company staff

The company employs highly qualified specialists (doctors, PhD), and specialists with higher education, they all have passed specialized training and have the appropriate certificates. Our employees have many years of experience in the legal field and the financial market of Ukraine.

Employees of the company speak Ukrainian, Russian and English.


The company provides services in support of investment projects. Our specialists have experience in the following areas:

  • Planning of internal and external business operations;
  • Financial analysis and the construction of a financial model of the enterprise;
  • Business plan development;
  • Support of the investment projects;
  • Search of partners for joint venture;
  • Attracting investments, loans and other financing;
  • Structuring of domestic and international investment and other transactions;
  • Consulting on business registration abroad;
  • Consulting on purchase the various assets abroad;
  • Consulting on registration of foreign investments, credits and loans in Ukraine;
  • Consulting on tax optimization and repatriation of proceeds from Ukraine;
  • Support and representation the interests of Ukrainian companies and their beneficiaries in relations with foreign partners concerning attracting foreign investment and financing;
  • Verification integrity of the Ukrainian companies;
  • Conducting legal audit of the existing corporate structure of the company;
  • Corporate Restructuring;
  • Consulting onsales promotionof Ukrainian producersto markets in theEuropean Union countries.


Become familiar with some investment opportunities you can on our website by clicking on the link "Proposals".


If you are interested in investment projects, please send your request. Additionally, if you want to get more information about business opportunities in Ukraine, or to consider others investment projects in Ukraine, please contact the specified contacts, or fill Investor Inquiry Form 



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