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Dr. Gennadiy Trachuk
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Antonina Haliapina
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Vitaly Serbulenko
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“There are many business opportunities in Ukraine for companies looking for long-term returns. The government’s reform programme, designed to improve the local business environment, is essential to the future development of the market and the prosperity of the nation.”

Morgan Williams

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council President




 “Ukraine represents compelling opportunities for Citibank to further our investment in the country. With a projected GDP growth of approximately 4,5% in 2011 and expected large-scale investments in various industries, ranging from agriculture to iron ore production, we are forecasting additional expansion of our financial activity within the infrastructural sector.” 

Steven Fisher

Citibank Ukraine Country Officer



“Ukraine is one of the most vibrant marketplaces we operate in. Sure we have  had to overcome obstacles, but we are really glad to see the Ukrainian business environment improving. I am quite confident that through the strength of our brands and dedication of our employees. Coca-Cola will continue to generate serious profit in Ukraine for a long time to come.”

Walter Gordon

Coca-Cola Ukraine  General Manager 




“When Shell looks at Ukraine it sees abundant potential. The Ukrainian business dynamic, though not without challenge, offers secure opportunities and direct rewards. For Shell, Ukraine’s vast domestic potential justified our investment into a mutually beneficial relationship – we now work hand-in-hand to bring Ukraine closer to total energy self-sufficiency.” 

Patrick Van Daele

General Manager of Exploration and Production Business




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